Editor's Note: We, at The Green Sheet, are proud to have been able to work with Dale S. Laszig for the past year on Street SmartsSM. With grace and keen intelligence she has hit all the right notes issue after issue, researching, reaching out, probing and then crafting insightful articles that help us see the current state of the industry and point us in positive, inspiring directions. We hope she will continue to send educational articles our way now that her Street Smarts commitment is coming to a close. We also very much look forward to working with Tom Waters and Benjamin Abel, two dynamic colleagues at Bank Associates Merchant Services who are brimming with ideas to explore as Street Smarts co-authors and have the energy and expertise to follow them through in the coming year. They've already begun posting questions in the MLS Forum and will pen their first article for our April 14, 2014, issue.

–The Green Sheet, March 24, 2014 / Issue 14:03:02


Editor's Note: [We] are delighted to welcome Dale Laszig as our Street Smarts columnist for the coming year. Many of you are already familiar with her because of the many informative articles she has penned on sales and technology for our Education section in recent years.

–The Green Sheet, April 8, 2013 / Issue 13:04:01


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