DSL Direct LLC

Writing a new chapter in payments

DSL Direct LLC, est. 2007, is a freelance writing and business consulting company focused on payments industry trends, security, technology, and best practices.

Managing Director Dale S. Laszig has a varied background in sales management for leading acquirers and OEM manufacturers including First Data, Hypercom, Verifone and Castles Technology. Her articles have appeared in The Green Sheet, DailyFunder, and other periodicals.  

Laszig has served on committees for the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), Smart Card Alliance (SCA) and the Northeast Chapter of Women Networking in Electronic Transactions (W.Net).  

Laszig's writing draws on her deep experience in technology and business development. As a staff writer at The Green Sheet, she covers news, lead articles, product reviews and a monthly view column. As a freelance writer, she provides technical writing and content development services for select clientele.